Is that what I think it is? No, it can’t be. It’s so wrong. So very, very wrong. Some things were never meant to end up as plastic model kitsets.

Boys everywhere love making kitset models. But this one looks suspiciously like a bullet vibrator kitset. WTF?? And to add insult to injury, it’s bizarrely being promoted by a cartoon character who looks suspiciously like the well-known Yonkuro of Dash! Yonkuro fame, a manga and anime series which features Mini 4WD racing.

Here’s some disturbing promotional material:

No! Get out of my head! You may have invaded my mind and my body... but there's one thing I'll always keep... my pride!

No! Get out of my head! You may have invaded my mind and my body… but there’s one thing I’ll always keep… my pride!

The “future of the planet” is at stake. So, your date looks like the huge, scary dinosaur on the right? Not to worry. Attack her (or him) with this small buzzing toy known as “Hyper Dash Rotor“, and save the day. Go, engines, go!

But wait, there’s more. You can pimp your ride by customizing the motor (V8, anyone?) and painting it with “erotic colours”. Um, erotic colours probably means… red? And everyone knows, red ones go faster.

Anyway, this is a fairly cheap toy which is easy for anyone to put together, but I still can’t believe they are being sold at all. In Japan, you’ll probably be able to find them in your local Don Quijote store among the towering piles of random junk.

Still, the customization sounds interesting. Hmmm, what if I used a super strong motor with the most powerful battery… Could be a dream come true.

Source: Kotaku JP