No, that’s not an error in the title- McDonald’s Japan is genuinely offering its morning customers chewing gum and shampoo upon the purchase of a breakfast set throughout the month of April.

In one of the fast food chain’s most curious special offers yet, customers purchasing a breakfast set on any of four Monday mornings in April will receive a unique gift. The presents will change depending on the date customers dine at the restaurant, but they’re all equally curious.

Let’s take a look at the lineup:

  • April 8: Recaldent Blooming Mint-flavour chewing gum
  • April 15: L’Oreal Elseve shampoo
  • April 22: Pouches of Uno and Elixir-branded skin cream
  • April 29: A 350ml can of Sprite.

Um, what?


None of these are bad freebies by any stretch of the imagination, but why on earth a hamburger restaurant decided to hand out shampoo samples we–and the rest of Japan, for that matter–have no idea whatsoever. After hearing the news, Netizens were left scratching their heads and wondering whether everything is okay at the Golden Arches HQ.

“You know what, I’m not even surprised at this point.”

“Seriously, what is going on with McDonald’s management these days?”

“A hamburger chain… handing out shampoo. Well now there’s one I didn’t see coming!”

“I can probably live off stuff I get at McDonald’s next month…”

“Sprite’s not so bad. But if I ordered a meal, which comes with a drink, why would I need another one?”

“Sorry but I fail to see the correlation between the restaurant and its freebies.”

“I think someone’s going to get fired over this.”

“Food and cosmetics together at last.”

Maybe next week Starbucks Japan will announce that it’s planning to give away scouring pads with every purchase of a caramel macchiato…

Source: ハムスター速報

Inset image: アメーバニュース