It’s been quite the week for Pokémon adaptation here at RocketNews24. No sooner do we bear witness to the horror of actor Nicholas Cage spliced with Nintendo’s elemental fighters than images surface online showing pokémon redesigned and wearing adorable, individually designed hooded sweatshirts.

Instagram artist @itsbirdy reimagines the entire pocket monster cast wearing a cross between hoodies and baby-style onesies. The result is really quite fantastic, and the artist’s work is already receiving enormous praise online with cries of everything from “cuuuuute!” to “these are so good I actually have tears in my eyes.”

Check out this small sample of Itsbirdy’s original illustrations:









Pokehoodie16 Pokehoodie15 Pokehoodie14

Seriously, how adorable as these? Who’d have thought that popping pokémon inside fabric versions of themselves would result in double the cuteness? And those street shoes are pretty cool too.

Here’s the man behind the magic. The writing team over at RocketNews24 Japan have already fallen quite in love with him by the sound of it, so if you’re reading this, itsbirdy, there are some good-looking ladies here who might like to get a drink with you sometime!

Pokehoodie itsbirdy

And here he is dressed as Pikachu, posing with his poké pals.

Pokehoodie itsbirdy with pals

Pokehoodie itsbirdy drawing

If you like itsbirdy’s work and would like to see more, you can check out his page on Instagram where you can even order prints of your favourites. Head on over and take a look!

Images: Instagram/itsbirdy
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