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There’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Hentai Kamen.

Just two weeks prior to the release of his own movie, the “perverted mask” renegade that is Hentai Kamen has been sighted in a special ad intended to crack down on inconsiderate cinema patrons who use their mobile phones, put their feet up on the seats in front of them or sneakily record the movie with video cameras.

Of course, this being Hentai Kamen, justice comes in usual forms as we see three unsavoury moviegoers get their just deserts, pervert style.

It seems that Japan just can’t get enough of underwear on heads lately. As well as the fetish movement that sees young women with panties covering their faces, a number of men are seeking solace behind a layer of white cotton for myriad reasons. One such individual is Hentai Kamen, the Power Ranger-like hero who first arrived in manga form back in the early 90s and is about to get his own film, due to hit Japanese cinemas next month.

In a clever promotional move, the mankini and panty-wearing martial artist has appeared an ad reminiscent of Japan’s “No More!” campaign that warned cinema goers that it is illegal to record or download movies.

Just for reference, here’s the original No More! trailer that plays in movie theatres across the country every single day. We’re sure you’ll agree that, particularly for an official public service announcement, it is quite wonderful in its own way.

But as time passes, people become immune to the same-old fear tactics. And even when most of us have no intention whatsoever of illegally recording a movie that’s being projected onto the big screen, we occasionally find ourselves in close proximity to people who spoil the entire movie for everyone. People who kick our seats or rest their feet right by our heads. People who talk on their phones or let it ring during the movie. Something needs to be done. We need a new hero!

Enter: Hentai Kamen

hentai punishment

Urging patrons to “Obey the rules and enjoy the movie,” Hentai Kamen is here to deal with those inconsiderate individuals who break the cinema code of conduct and come close to ruining the movie for the rest of us.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy what is quite possibly the best public service announcement ever created.

Do you see what happens when you break the rules now!? Do you see!? You get balls in your face! Barely covered, light-emitting balls of truth, justice and terror. Who needs Batman when you’ve got a weird guy with women’s underwear on his head?

Let’s take a closer look at the ad. It would be wise to take notes.

  • Look at this joker, strolling into the auditorium while chatting on his phone. Little does he know that he’s about to get a lesson in manners.

hentai opening

▼”Hello? Hello? Sorry, this is a really bad line…”

Hentaikamen phone

▼”That’ll be my oinari-san.” (Literally meaning “god of harvest and fertility”, oinari-san is also used as a slang word to refer to a man’s scrotum)

hentai oinarisanda

▼”The use of mobile phones is prohibited.”

hentai don't use mobile phones in the theatre

  • Next, this law-breaker decides to record the movie for home viewing later on. But there’s suddenly something wrong with her camera… 

hentai huh what's wrong with my camera

▼Boom! “Those are my golden balls.”

hentai those are my golden balls

▼ “It is illegal to record sound or video in the movie theatre.”

hentai recording is prohibited

  • And look at this guy. Who does he think he is with his feet up like that?

hentai feet on the seats

▼Shining balls of justice!

hentai punishment

▼ “Please do not put your feet upon or kick the seat in front of you.”

hentai don't put your feet up or kick the sear

Finally, Hentai Kamen asks viewers not to imitate his own antics by making it quite clear that one should not go naked or, indeed, wear underwear on their head in the cinema…

hentai don't go nude please

The movie Hentai Kamen is scheduled to hit Japanese cinemas on April 13. If we weren’t interested before, we definitely are now. Remember your manners boys and girls. Otherwise a well toned man in a peculiar mask may just thrust his love eggs in your face.

Source: Gigazine (Japanese)

Video: YouTube NatashaJapan orenoyui

hentai kamen movie out in April