As Humbert Humbert would say, “It was love at first sight, at last sight…” And this may be the last sight you will ever have of these eerily realistic lolita dolls…

Top Japanese love doll brand Orient Industries, pioneers and legendary makers of some of the most realistic and beautiful sex dolls you’ve ever laid eyes on, suddenly announced the mysterious demise of their “Lala” lolita doll range, due to “various factors”. Hmmm. From April 1 onwards, no more of these dolls will be created, and when they run out of inventory, it’s goodbye Lala! Warning, there are some naked doll pictures below which may not be suitable for work.

The many faces of Lala.

The many faces of Lala.

The Orient website states “Lala dolls are not just for men. For all men and women who love dolls, they will heal your mind and body.” For only US$1,169. And you could even choose whether the dolls had, err, anatomical realism or not. But not any more.

We’re not sure if it’s because demand was lacking, or because the market was flooded. Either way, the days of these lifelike girl dolls are numbered.

Anatomical realism?

Anatomical realism?

Comes with these great accessories... Source:

Comes with these great accessories… Source: Kanojo Toys, for all your used panties needs.

Shhh... she's sleeping.

Shhh… she’s sleeping.

People in the know say they do look less creepy in “person”. And keeping in mind the cost and stress of having your own child in Tokyo, maybe some women do have Lala dolls instead, so who are we to judge? And, hey, some women are even turning themselves into dolls.

And on a more positive note, agalmatophiles (doll fanciers) can look forward to a rosy future of sexbots and android brothels by 2050. Orient have already made major contributions in anatomical realism to the field of dentistry, among others. Check out this amazing video!

Finally, robotic beings will rule the world…

Source: はちま起稿