McDance just dancin

There are part-time jobs, and then there are jobs at McDonald’s. Despite recent concerns that the fast food chain’s management is steadily losing the plot, McDonald’s Japan continues to throw promotion after ad after promotion in its customers’ direction. This time, the golden arches is running a special recruitment ad that tells the story of two young men who are suddenly transformed into members of the team which, it turns out, has a penchant for dance.

Featuring the familiar sights and sounds of a typical McDonald’s restaurant, the video gives potential employees a behind the scenes tour, all set to a funky beat.

We begin with two young men waiting in line in a seemingly ordinary restaurant. As they approach the counter they’re suddenly transformed into McDonald’s employees, complete with the new cooler uniforms. Cue dubstep-style actions and curious expressions.

McDance stars McDance uniform

Seconds later, they’re flipping burgers, helping pouring coffee and, er, washing their hands while mimicking scratching records.

McDance coffee

▼ Perhaps invest in some bigger sinks, McDonald’s?

McDance hand washing

▼ Scrubbing up for surgery…

McDance just dancin

It’s the mildly creepy server at the beginning of the video, though, who makes us feel a little uneasy. Staff at McDonald’s in Japan are notoriously well trained and polite, earning every single yen of their meagre salary, but we’ve never met with a server who draws their greeting out, nor maintains eye contact, for quite as long as this young lady.

McDance smile

Check out the full video below to see what we mean. It’s definitely an unusual creation, but we have to admire McDonald’s for trying something new, even if it is a little far removed from the reality of working in a fast food restaurant.

Anyone tempted to sign up? So long as they’re not operating that haphazard 60-second challenge, working in McDonald’s Japan probably wouldn’t be all that bad…

Source: Whatsupmcdonalds via NariNari (Japanese)