A 17th century ukiyoe woodblock painting was recently uncovered by Japanese excavators depicting a futuristic robot that looks suspiciously like Marvel’s superhero, Ironman. The resemblance is so uncanny that we hear Marvel is trying to retroactively sue the artist’s descendents for copyright infringement.

Just kidding. This is actually the result of a collaboration between Marvel Comics and popular toy and goods manufacturer Ensky. The items, traditional hand towels, feature Marvel heroes drawn up in woodblock print style against Japan backgrounds.

Some of the works include the aforementioned Ironman, who appears to be causing a tsunami with his jet-wash, Spiderman with his spidey sense being confused by a bunch of falling sakura blossoms, as well as versions featuring The Hulk, Captain America and Thor.


No word if Wolverine, whose to-be-released next film will actually take place in Japan, will be included in the set.

Given the collectible nature and general awesomeness of the prints, we don’t intend to use ours for actually wiping anything under any circumstances. That’s what jeans are for anyway.

The handkerchiefs will be on sale April 15 at 840 yen (US$9) each.

Source: Walkerplus