A pretty fascinating video has been making the rounds on the Web today. In it, you see an older man, a so-called “lollipop street artist”, in Singapore’s Chinatown furiously gnawing on a lollipop while staring intently at a young tourist sitting opposite him. He’s not being a creeper, though, he’s creating a portrait in candy!

The tourist’s name is Rich, and he tells us this bizarre scene has been going on for about 10 minutes. Then, the old man pops the candy out of his mouth, presenting it to his customer. And the resemblance is unmistakeable! It’s a Rich-pop!

Can you really create a decent likeness just by licking and biting a lollipop? Many commenters seem unconvinced, calling for a complete video from wrapper to work of art. Others claimed it must be a fake.

Take a look at the video, readers, and tell us what you think. Is this the real thing or some kind of prank?

Source: YouTube/Rich Smith

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