Batcam title

In a somewhat curious move, Japanese tech giant Canon’s Chinese marketing team has opted to use crime-fighting superhero Batman as the face for its new range of IXUS digital cameras.

Celebrity endorsement of products is nothing new — just a couple of months ago we were treated to the vision of Leonardo DiCaprio fighting with a ball of ice in an advert for Suntory Whiskey — but it’s not often we see a company using a figure from a movie that opened nearly eight months ago to be the face of their new product.

Canon China, it seems, thought that the caped crusader would be an ideal choice for a series of new commercials for its pocket-sized cameras, perhaps hoping that they’d look good placed alongside his dark, muscular frame. But then, so would any black gadget – because he’s Batman!

Here’s the ad in full for your viewing pleasure:

Personally, we’d have rather seen Batman relaxing on a sofa scrolling through his old holiday snaps or browsing photos taken at the last superhero gathering when Tony Stark got wasted and crashed his armoured suit into the pool…

Title image via Canon China (Chinese)

Video/inset images via YouTube micgadget

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