While Japan is undergoing the sorry cat meme, microbloggers in China seem to be going to the dogs… and dressing them up in women’s clothing.

Welcome to the world of “sexy dogs”, where owners adorn their pooches with heels, boots, tiaras, and of course the key component: pantyhose.

Some call the sexy dog craze “sick” and “idiotic” while others praise it as “hilarious” and “creative.” Take a look and judge for yourself.

These photos like most pantyhosed dog pics can be found on Sina Weibo often referred to as “China’s Twitter.”

Let’s kick things of with “Sexy Maymay”

Most dogs seem pretty relaxed and even happy in their hosiery.

While some dogs go for more refined Playboy shots…

Others seem to barking up Larry Flynt’s tree.

Wait a minute… I think that dog on the left is a dude.

Again, most dogs seem happy.

These photos seem to be generating an even split of support and loathing from around the world. Surprisingly, dogs in tights really get under some people’s skin. Regardless, the sexy dog meme is currently in full swing with no immediate signs of stopping.

Source: Xinhua (Chinese) via IT Media (Japanese)