Having won the gold medal back-to-back in the previous World Baseball Classics, Japan has lost its dominance over the tournament settling for third place in 2013.

Afterwards, young athletes across the nation have been turning their backs on the great Japanese past time for something new. Foregoing American sports, they looked to Britain for new athletic inspiration.

Now the baseball diamonds of the country are swarming with hovering young witches looking to make a name for themselves in Quidditch!

Tomio Yamamoto, a chaser for the Kadoma Horcruxes said “Baseball’s great and all, but Japan had its 15 minutes of fame already. We have to look to the future of Japanese sport, and the future is Quidditch!”  He then flew away.

School athletic departments are struggling to keep up with the changing trends. As we can see in the photo, aspiring players still must rely on old baseball bats and balls while fundraising efforts are underway to purchase Quaffles and Golden Snitches.

Hogwarting- it really is taking the world by storm.

Source: VIPPER (Japanese)