Monopterus albus also goes by the names “swamp eel” or “rice eel” and is a nocturnal carnivorous fish which feeds on frogs, shrimp, and turtle eggs. They have bristle-like teeth and sometimes are colored bright-yellowish shades.

At this point, you all must be thinking, “Gee, that sounds like it would feel great on my butt.” However, we urge you to stop and strongly consider the pitfalls of introducing an eel to your anus.

To clarify our point, here’s a horrifying and disgusting story from China.

This story comes to us from a miniblog written by an unnamed female doctor in China.  It begins with an unidentified male who, like we all have, wondered what an eel to the bum would be like.

Before continuing the story it should be noted that the swamp eel is able to breathe air and travel across short distance of dry land. In addition, they are able to avoid drought and provide self-defense by burrowing deep into the muddy soil.

So, when placed in what a swamp eel would clearly consider a threatening situation it followed instinct and burrowed deep into something muddy.

The adult eel — which measured 50cm (20″) and weighed about 600g (1.3 lbs) — proceeded into the man’s colon and punctured it, requiring the man to be rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.

In a surgery that took all night to perform, the eel was successfully removed from the colon. According to the blog it was still breathing when it was extracted.

The man is currently recovering in hospital. There is no word on the fate of the eel.

So next time you or someone you know want to put swamp eels or any kind of burrowing flesh eating animal in or around your rectal cavity: Please stop!

Consider something inanimate like a wire or pressurized air hose, or consult your local gastroenterologist who will certainly recommend “nothing” as the best thing to insert.

Source: tt.mop (Chinese) via Byokan Sunday (Japanese)
Eel picture: Wikipedia

X-ray and post-op photos

Swamp eel free of ass play

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