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As April gets underway and Japan is finally able to thaw itself out, people across the country watch eagerly as a wave of delicate pink flowers gradually makes its way north, signalling the arrival of spring and — perhaps more importantly — the opportunity to have hanami drinking parties in public spaces. Apart from in a handful of especially sheltered areas, Tokyo’s cherry blossom has almost all disappeared from the branches above our heads, but for those in the north and naturally colder regions of Japan, the cherry blossom season is only just beginning.

Imagine their shock, however, when our friends in Nagano opened their curtains this morning to discover their towns covered in a thin layer of snow. 

Thankfully, that shock was immediately followed by the realisation that the rare combination of sakura pink and snow-white makes for some absolutely stunning vistas. Just take a look at some of the gorgeous images snapped by Japanese netizens earlier today. It’s photos like these that make us wish we could have had a sudden, uncharacteristically cold spell during the brief period Tokyo was enjoying its own hanami season.

▼Clear blue skies, perfect white snow, delicate pink flowers

by ysdkn_818

▼Hopefully the flowers will make it through the cold patch.

by matumozo_izumi

▼ The 64th Cherry Blossom Festival may have to be cancelled…

by MATCH_1021

▼Another Twitter user steps into Narnia in springtime.

by azumino_taka

▼ One day, two seasons.

by inu_sugura

▼ So pretty.

by ck1211_a8g

▼ A snowy giant.

by riuriu8181

▼ And of course our breathtaking title image.

by ao_0356

Japan, you truly are beautiful.

Source: NAVER まとめ