Pedestrians and motorists in downtown Chengdu, Sichuan province last weekend were probably surprised to see a young woman living in a rather well furnished bubble for two days.

Although probably confused for a work of performance art, this was actually a promotion for BubbleTree brand Bubbles.

Bubbles are a type of tent that allows campers to feel more immersed in nature while camping.  Instead of being hindered by colored vinyl walls you can see all around you while still being protected by the elements.

Of course, as this model is demonstrating, transparent walls work both ways, so there is also a semi-translucent bubble which blocks out the lower half but keeps the sky completely visible.

It was created by a French designer by the name of Pierre-Stéphane Dumas and sold in Europe. This event seems to be an attempt to infiltrate the Chinese camping market with Bubbles as a way to luxuriously rough it.

They do look pretty, and in the winter they could be like a reverse snow globe. However, on a spring day like this, I wonder how many times that girl had to air out the place.

Source: Chinanews (Chinese) via MIC Gadget (English)
BubbleTree: Bubbles (French / some English)
Video: YouTube – MIC Gadget