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An official from the environment bureau in Hebei Province, China, was dismissed after telling residents that underground water that had turned red due to discharge from a nearby factory “was not polluted,” likening it to “red bean soup.”

State-operated China Central Television reported April 3 that water from an underground source in Changzhou City, Hebei, had turned red and was the cause of health concerns, including the death of over 800 chickens.

Concerned residents claimed the problem was being caused by discharge from a nearby chemical plant; an official from Hebei’s environmental protection department disagreed, trying to dismiss the issue by telling them, “For example, when you put a small handful of beans into water and boil it for soup it turns red, right? If you simmer beans with rice, the rice also turn red, doesn’t it. Well, just because the water is red doesn’t mean it isn’t in line with health standards.” Residents heaped criticism on the department after hearing the explanation and two days after the Central Television broadcast the official was sacked.

According to test results announced by the local government on the 7th, the water contained more than 73 times the safe limit of aniline, a toxic substance.

Source: esuteru

Photo: cahotjapan