HOTARU color changing tub

For those who have ever thought, “Man, I wish I could take a bath in a rainbow,” this tub’s for you. From Takeshita Co., maker of Jacuzzi and bathroom units, comes a psychedelic bathtub that not only glows, but changes between seven different colors.

Named, “Hotaru” (Japanese for “firefly”), this tub is illuminated thanks to waterproof LED lights which can be turned on and off at the push of a button. The tub can also be used as an additional lighting system for the bathroom. However, as cool as the Hotaru tub is, it definitely doesn’t come cheap; those in search of a rainbow bath will have to pay 850,000 yen (US$8,639).

Not so sure you even want to take a rainbow bath now, huh? Well just take a look at the Hotaru tub in action:

Mesmerized? So are we. Now we want one for the RocketNews24 office even more, but we’ll first have to figure out how to scrounge up over 8,000 bucks. We’re hoping Mr. Sato can help us out with that.

Source: Gizmodo