“Dragon Ball villain Frieza is the ideal executive.”

This phrase has been increasingly repeated across the internet by those who have taken a second look at the alleged “tyrant” and discovered that he, like many other business leaders, may have been misrepresented.

Compiling experts Naver Matome did what they do best and gathered some compelling evidence to support what more and more people are realizing: Frieza is an excellent example of corporate leadership.

In the series we come to know Frieza as the leader of an intergalactic organization who is searching for the dragon balls so that he can become immortal. Along the way he is met with resistance from the Namekian people and eventually the Dragon Ball crew.

If the Nameks had simply handed him the balls and helped him make his wish he would have been on his way and the planet still would have been around. But, noooOOOooo. They had to act all hard and keep the balls for themselves. As a result, this simple mission mushroomed into what even Frieza would admit was not his finest hour.

However, if we watch closely we can glean information about his true character and what he accomplished beyond this unfortunate project.

Excellent Communication Skills

Results may vary depending on the translation, but whenever Frieza speaks he does so with a degree of elegance and class. Even when he’s in the heat of battle he uses clear enunciation and always seems to have le mot juste. Frieza knows he’s representing a large organization and should always do so to give it the best possible image. When his tolerance level is pushed to the max he still maintains this level of class till the very end.

Most would correctly assume this is a sign of extreme narssicism but this leader is also involved with all of his subordinates and gives them a lot of his time and attention. When he met with Gohan on the planet Namek, Frieza asked “are you Raditz’ son?”

How about that. Even as low ranking as Raditz was in Frieza’s organization he still could instantly identify a relative of his. That’s knowing your employees!

And then there’s the Ginyu Force who we all can remember for their lame posing routines that can make 30 seconds feel like an hour.

Look at Frieza, he just patiently watches, and even when he’s extremely busy he would politely excuses himself during one of their stupid dances.

If you were the powerful being in the universe, would you tolerate that crap more than once? Of course not, but Frieza believes in letting his people express themselves creatively and gives them room to grow.

The Company Comes First

Looking at The Ginyu Force also shows us another respectable quality of Frieza’s; he never unfairly discriminates. His organization incorporates a staggering number of species and races without any bias whatsoever. Even after destroying the Saiyan’s home planet he still enlisted the survivors into his organization because he saw the potential in them. Frieza doesn’t care where you come from or what your lifestyle is, he just wants to know what you can do for him.

Even if you don’t have amazing skills as a fighter, if you have the will to help he will give you a chance. Can’t make an energy beam with your own hands like the top fighters? No problem! Frieza will hook you up with some little arm gun thingies.

To be fair, before that whole Namek battle commenced Frieza spent a good animated episode and a half trying to get the balls through good ol’ non-violent intimidation. He and his team could have simply stormed the place, but they gave the Nameks more than a fair chance do it somewhat peacefully.

Hands-On Management

As the head of what must be a massively scaled operation we can see Frieza working directly with his men in the field. In this way he is able to understand the situation immediately and give his men the best direction possible.  He could just as easily sit back and sip on some wine while his team does all the work, but that would be irresponsible.

At the same time he doesn’t micromanage and always gives his workers a chance to shine before getting involved himself.

By being on the scene he can also find new talent for his organization. While locked in a life or death battle with Goku he took the time to ask to him to join the team. Of course, he knew Goku would refuse, but he wouldn’t be doing the company any favors by not asking.

Furthermore, Frieza was (at the time) the strongest being alive. He could do anything he wanted and yet he helped to build and organization which generated presumably millions of jobs for others. It’s exactly that kind of dedicated and selfless thinking that drove him to success. Even after he was checkmated by Goku he continued to fight which led to his ultimate demise. That determination carried on through his various rebirths in both the physical world and Hell.

If there was a downside to Frieza’s management style it’d be that his negotiation skills were lacking.  He seemed to employ the method mentioned in the Art of War that by simply showing one’s extreme strength the competition will give up without a fight, thus ensuring a peaceful outcome. That tactic doesn’t always work, in which case it’s good to have a plan B and even C. Frieza didn’t seem to have them and paid the price.

I’d say that was more a result of the line of business he was in. The planet trade is a hard game and having to extinguish entire worlds of life has got to take its toll.  It’s unfortunate Frieza was born into that family business. Had fate made him the manager of a car wash off Highway 27, I’m sure they would have had the best air fresheners in the cosmos.

Source: Naver Matome (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – LilT2o00, KingofDarkness908
Top Image: Amazon