The illegal posting of adult content on the internet is a huge problem for producers, and even for China — a country that maintains remarkably strict standards regarding adult content — it’s near impossible to regulate. Like a whack-a-mole game (especially this one) infinite in scope, when one site is shut down another one pops up right away.

To stem this trend a security company is looking for one brave soul with can sail out into the vast sea of information on the net and locate websites hosting adult content.

That’s right: they want to pay someone to look for pornographic websites – what many of you are probably doing right now, but for cash.

And that’s not all. This opening has a compensation package that puts many other jobs to shame. Free fruit and pudding anyone?

The security company who put this job advert out, Anquan Lianmeng (League of Security) said that they received thousands of applications within two days of posting.  Many of which had come in from outside of the country. It’s no surprise considering the description:

Job Title: Chief Pornographic Identification Officer
Work Location: Beijing
Compensation: 200,000 RMB (US$32,300) yearly
Job Description: Rapid Determination of Adult Sites

1)    Must be familiar with the standard of adult content from around the world
2)    Must be familiar with China’s law standards regarding adult content, familiar with documented regulations
3)    Must be familiar with the standards for adult content on China’s internet and it’s service providers
4)    Regardless of gender, must be college graduate from 25-35 years old
5)    Must have a strong sense of responsibility and work well in a team

You hear that? It’s the sound of millions of Chinese law books opening at once. While 32 grand a year isn’t a stellar salary, it’s more than enough remuneration for the task at hand, and we haven’t even gotten to the benefits package yet.

1)    Full insurance benefits; food, transportation and some communication expenses
2)    Book purchasing expenses (actual cost); daily fruit and yogurt
3)    Yearly physical check-up; birthday, wedding, and baby bonuses

So in addition to getting decently paid for looking up porn sites, you get birthday presents and daily fruit with yogurt. Censorship never sounded so sweet!

For me though the best perk has to be the job title: Chief Pornographic Identification Officer for the League of Safety. That title is so awesome I’d pay to have it printed out on some business cards. In fact, I think I just planned out my afternoon.

I wonder if the yogurt’s pro-bio…

Source: Sina Webo League of Safety (Chinese)
Original Article by Megumi Sawai

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