Potato Holder

Your parents do it. Your neighbor does it, too. Even you have probably been guilty of it. We’re talking, of course, about the time honored tradition of eating in the car. We’d like to think that even folks back in the year 1910 were cruising down the road in their Model Ts munching on a salami or whatever they ate back then. To further enable in-car eaters, the drive-thru was invented resulting in cars being infiltrated by wayward French fries dropped while driving. But no more! McDonald’s Japan has created a special “potato holder” that enables drivers to enjoy fries without having to precariously balance them between their knees or take both hands off the wheel.

Starting April 24, patrons who purchase a value meal with a large order of fries will receive a free “potato holder.” The holder is red with the familiar golden arch logo and is made to fit in the cup holder of any car.  The campaign, which will only take place in Japan (sorry overseas McDonald’s fans), is expected to last until the end of May.

potato holder3

Now if only they added a built-in napkin dispenser so drivers won’t have to wipe their greasy potato fingers on the steering wheel.

Source: Hamusoku

Images: McD Holdings