would you date this girl

She’s not really my type, but few would deny that this is one good-looking girl. Sparkling eyes, clear skin, soft lips… And yet there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on here. Something gnawing away at my subconscious making me feel uncomfortable. Could it be… because this is actually a boy in a wig and layers of makeup?

That’s right, boys and girls, the weekend is finally here, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for another crazy video from our pals at Niconico!

In what is fast becoming a genre of its very own, we received a tip-off earlier this week about a transformation video that is receiving a ton of attention online. In it, we see a young Japanese male going by the name of Pokota settle in and let a makeup artist do her best work, adding layers of foundation, eyeliner and various other things that I don’t really understand, before topping it all off with a blonde wig and a peculiar hat. Pokota is hardly the most masculine-looking of guys to begin with, but by comparing the before and after shots, it’s almost scary to think that a visual sex change can be achieved with a little time, effort and the required tools.

Check this out:

▼ Hair pinned back, our hero is ready to get made over.


▼Powder going on.

boy powder

▼ Now on to the eyes.

boy eye makeup

▼ Of course, he couldn’t be a real gal about town without fake lashes.

boy eyelashes

▼ Eyes done, it’s time to make those lips pretty.

boy lipliner

▼ Preparing for the wig.

boy getting ready for the wig

▼ Ta-daa! He’s got that confused head tilt down and everything.

boy finished

We’ll leave you now with the full five-minute video so that you can witness the slow transformation take place before your very eyes. Remember, guys, it’s all smoke and mirrors…

Source: Niconico