John? John, are you okay? Give me one bong for yes, two bongs for no.

In an accident that’s so implausible it’s almost comical, a Chinese tourist became trapped under an enormous two-ton bell at a temple in Shandong, China late last week when the bell’s supports broke while he was standing beneath it. Unable to move the gigantic copper object, he and his friends were left with nothing to do but wait for a rescue team to come and release him from his ornate prison.

Visiting the temple with friends, Mr. Van Lin is believed to have stepped under the bell–perhaps to pose for photos or examine its inner surface–when it suddenly crashed to the ground, trapping him inside. It was only due to the bell’s tremendous size that Mr. Lin was able to avoid injury and could communicate with friends and other tourists, even popping his hands out from under the bell’s curved rim for an altogether more memorable photo opportunity.

▼ Guys? Don’t leave, okay?


▼ Smoking in a temple? Surely you got off light the last time?


Due to its weight and the fact that it is considered to be a valuable historical object, fire crews had to work carefully to lift the bell high enough for the unfortunate tourist to clamber out. Some two hours after his sudden imprisonment, Mr. Lin was able to slip out, remarkably unharmed.

bellfall firefighters

You’re a lucky man, Mr. Lin; that almighty chime could just as easily have been a knell…

Source: The Voice of Russia

Video via YouTube WorldsViralNews