It was revealed on April 20 that millions of condoms that had been freely distributed in the Republic of Ghana, West Africa, are being recalled after they were found to contain holes or susceptible to tears and bursting.

According to a Record China report, as many as 200 million condoms produced in China were sent to Ghana in an effort to help promote safe sex and reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancies. Britain’s The Guardian also states that many of the condoms were “too small” and not properly lubricated, meaning that they are likely to rip or burst when used, rendering them useless as well as giving the users a false sense of security that may ultimately result in an increase in unwanted pregnancies and even the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

The Ghanaian Bureau for Food and Medicine is issuing a full recall of the condoms and calling for health and aid groups to raise awareness as to the dangers of using them.

Source: Record China The Guardian

Title image via Yuonline