A lot of people are into collecting things like dog figurines but after a while it has to get a little monotonous. Surely all of your favorite poses have been done before?

“No!” says Sumainu, the dealers of the Dog@CUBE series of miniatures. Here we can find some novel and cute new takes on the age-old art of canine collectables with three positions including the U*chingu line seen above.

The U*chingu (lit. “Sh*tting”) line shows your choice of 27 different breeds in a position all dog owners are familiar with: a tiny turd emerging whilst your pet watches you from the corner of its eye.


The U*chingu line has been the most popular of the Dog@CUBE gaining attention worldwide for its groundbreaking pose. However, it may be too risque for some dog figurine collectors’ sensibilities. In that case there are two more lines to choose from.

The WAIT! line has 32 breeds of dogs obediently waiting in front of the food dish.


Finally, the 3wan line has 20 different breeds in threesomes taking the role of See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil as they adorably try to cover their eyes with their front paws, or do they?


Their creator, Yoichiro Den of DENS CRAFT, would like to have all breeds and colors represented but since every aspect of the figures from the packaging to the painting is handmade by only him it’ll take some time.  This is also the reason for the rather steep price of 3,780 yen (US$38) for U*chingu and WAIT! dogs and 6,300 yen ($63) for the 3wan.

His goal was to breathe some life into his dog miniatures through subtle details in the face and body. In doing so Mr. Den may have breathed some life into the entire art of dog figurines with this series.

Source: sumainu via Excite Bit (Japanese)
Yoichiro Den: DENS CRAFT (Japanese)