headphone jack

In Japan’s Twitter world, this bird is causing quite a flurry. The Java sparrow in these photos is so adorable and righteously perched that at first glance, it looks real. But alas, no real sparrow would pose for photos so sweetly and demurely. At least that’s what twitter user “Bado” found when he tried to take photos of his real pet sparrow on top of his smartphone.

When his pet wouldn’t cooperate and it turned out he couldn’t get the cute photos he wanted, Bado thought to himself, “If the real thing won’t do me the common courtesy of sitting on my phone nicely, then I’ll have to make one that will.”


The real McCoy looks displeased with being forced to sit on such an unwieldy perch.

In a sheer stroke of Frankenstein-like genius, he set off making a new sparrow from scratch. He got some sculpting clay and, after two weeks of careful kneading and moulding, he had completed a magnificent life-size version of his friend. The results looked so professional that Twitter users began flocking to him in droves, with 18,000 retweets and comments like: “It’s cute”, “I want one!” and “You’re a genius!”

But it seems that this new sparrow’s life as an earphone jack accessory was short-lived. Its huge girth made handling the phone completely impractical, so now it sits perched on its owner’s computer instead. Oh well. It’s far better than being trapped in a cage at any rate. Or maybe not, if the alpha sparrow has his way…

Source: Nlab