Tadashi Yanai, chairman and director of Fast Retailing and the main force behind the expansion of Japanese clothes retailer UNIQLO, has recently made public his intentions to introduce a worldwide universal wage system for shop managers and high ranking employees. This would effectively mean that regardless of the country in which a worker is employed, while working for UNIQLO they would receive the same amount of pay. Yanai believes that regardless of a country’s political and social circumstances, an equal amount of work deserves an equal wage.

The universal wage system is something that has already been introduced among UNIQLO’s higher ranked employees, however this time it is also expected to extend to shop managers. As businesses look more and more to penetrate the international market, the idea of a universal wage system is something that is seen as a natural course of progression.

The introduction of these new policies will mean Japanese and foreign employees will be working under the same conditions and therefore subject to the same systems of evaluation with regard to their performance and attitudes towards work. It is believed that with everyone being on an equal footing, worldwide competition will also heat up. On the other hand, if the new pay system takes root it could mean a decrease in Japan’s comparatively high pay rates.

Source: Asahi Shimbun Digital via Itai News (Japanese)

Header image: retaildesignblog