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While most male college students put off homework assignments by looking at boobs on the Internet, one enterprising computer programming student decided to procrastinate by inventing an ingenious program that tracks and hides them with Kinect-enabled gestures.

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Controlling the program is simple for men and women alike (regardless of the size of your, erm, assets). Lift your right hand to activate floating objects that track and (hopefully) cover up your bewb region. Lift your left hand and the objects disappear. Lifting the right hand again will change the type of object, from cats to pineapples to the face of Sterling Archer.

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This enables you to dance around like a madman as seen in the video below, creating a mesmerizing and mildly disturbing peepshow that you can then, like our intrepid inventor, shamelessly upload to the Internet.

Rocketnews24 will refrain from commenting on the cultural implications involved, but feel we must point out that while the West appears to be using the Kinect to cover up breasts, Japanese company 2ngen recently harnessed its power to develop a program that enlarges them to outrageous proportions.

Source: Jin115