Wool felt crafting is fast becoming a popular hobby these days. With new techniques and innovative designs, more and more people are taking out their needles and dusting off their glue guns to test the boundaries of the craft. The results are wide and varied; some crafters choose to create cute, brightly coloured toys and accessories, and others prefer to sculpt half-shaved animals with pissed off faces.


These are the works of Nosoko, a Japanese wool felt artist, who is in the business of creating unforgettably peculiar designs.

For example, there are little Pomeranians hidden under fluffy balls of fur, and grumpy cats at the other end of the spectrum, showing off their naked, furless bits. A perfect mix of strange, cute and whimsical, these critters are surprisingly charming.

20▲ It’s like counting sheep. Only they’re fluffy little Pomeranians! And two of them have been replaced by non-felt cigarette packs.

So what is Nosoko most careful with when it comes to her creations? “I try to produce the right textures and get the finest little nuances of their facial expressions to come out as much as possible.” This is definitely characteristic of her work, which shows an impeccable eye for detail and a solid technique to carry off even the strangest of ideas.

Take a look at some more of her unusual creations below:

3▲ Ceiling cat! Go away! No don’t go away!

5▲ Giant anteater is not so giant but manages to kill owner anyway.

4▲ Suck it up, little fella! You’re showing poor tongue control. Or excellent tongue control.

6▲ Rodin’s Thinker for the polar bear world.

7▲ This is either a tiny polar bear or a dinosauric bone. Wool eats wool in the wool world.

8▲ The only safe way to survive a bear cling. And with a face to melt your heart.

9▲ Don’t blame us! We’re pigs, not people!

11▲ Death by chicken.

10▲ It was … so … good.

12▲ The Abominable Snowman now wants to suck your blooood…mwah ha ha…

13▲ Shhh! Don’t tell him he has a person underneath him!

14▲ An ice pack set. Keep your things cold and freak them out at the same time. Genius!

15▲ These kids caught a space alien. Or a little man with sausage arms.

16▲ Bunny love. And a pink squid just to keep you on your toes.

17▲ How to wear your animal.

18▲ These puppy hair ties are looking for a home!


For anyone who’s ever wanted to try wool felt crafting, Nosoko has published a book in Japanese called “羊毛フェルトでつくる ふわふわイヌ・ネコ” (“Fluffy Dogs and Cats, Made From Wool Felt”). It comes complete with all the tools and materials you need so it’s perfect for beginners. And for anybody who wants to gawk at more of her unusual art!

Sources: のそ子さんflickrFacebookURESICA
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