The coming of spring brings a coming change in fashion, which in turn prompts many to consider a slight change to their hairstyles. Lopping off a considerable length to go from “long” to “short”, adding a few streaks or coloring for accent, or perhaps getting a perm or wave will allow most people to achieve the look they’re after. One young Tokyo trendsetter, however, decided an extreme makeover was needed to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather and the start of the school year (April to March in Japan).

As the following picture shows she didn’t go with a garden variety cut, she went for the garden itself, turning her lovely locks into a… tomato!

tomato head
Response on the Net has been resoundingly positive to a tweeted picture of her new look:

“I want that cut!”
“How cute”
“So adorable”
“I want to cut and color mine the same way”

As the top down shot shows, the coloring is perfect with the dark green stem/leaves contrasting nicely against the bright red body of the fruit, ah, hair.

Well-balanced, the cut truly captures the look of a nice ripe tomato. Unfortunately there is no back shot, however we’re sure that even when seen from that angle it will prompt passersby to head over to their local green grocers a big up a few ripe ones for their evening’s dinner.

Tomatoes, it seems, are on people’s minds, as the other day a tomato-costumed rider boarded the Tokyo-bound Odakyu line train causing a bit of a stir.

tomato costume
Could this be the start of some kind of Tokyo tomato boom?

Source: Byokan Sunday
Photo: Naver Matome