Many of us have that friend who visited China only to return with terrifying tales of disgusting toilets, particularly in the rural areas. Frankly though, horrific public toilets are a global problem that must be dealt with. However, being the staunch pro-toilet campaigner (preferring them to a tree or ditch) I want to reiterate, “toilets don’t foul up toilets, people foul up toilets.” This is a policy the China seems to agree with and as such have been creating toilets with revolutionary designs that ensure people use them with the utmost patience. Two more have been discovered and are currently doing the rounds on China message board tt.mop.

Our first toilet requires some brain power to use. Like walking into some kind of real life Resident Evil puzzle, you are presented with a toilet bowl atop a sheer one meter drop and about a two inch clearance on either edge.

To help, you are given a blue plastic stool. How do you use it? Damned if I know, but that’s a challenge would-be defecators must face and take the due care not to make a mess of themselves and their surroundings. While that one helps people learn to be more careful when using a john, there is still the issue of smells. This is a hard problem, since we can’t consciously control odors. Worry not though, for China is on top of that too!

This concept also increases security, and significantly reduces vandalism. Plus if someone suddenly has a heart attack or other medical emergency while using the toilet, they can be discovered immediately. If there was one flaw, it would be that they seem a little too close together.

We here at RocketNews24 would like to applaud China for their efforts at creating a safe and unspoilable toilet. Godspeed!

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