The science world has been reeling as a photo surfaced demonstrating what might be a successful fusion of hotdog and spaghetti. However, many pasta experts remain skeptical claiming, “Man, ain’t no way you can put a piece of dry spaghetti through a wiener! It’d break!” This photo documentation says otherwise, however, and the end result looks really good too!

For thousands of years the human race has been plagued by pasta toppings.  Cheeses, sauces and spices were fine but bulkier toppings like mushrooms or sausage would often tumble to the bottom of the bowl or dish leaving a pile of cold mush at the end. All that time we have search for a way to achieve fusion between topping and pasta but to no avail. The ravioli breakthrough of the 14th century brought much joy to the masses but still didn’t appease our innate desire for thin noodles.

But now, a daring scientist discovered that if one were to gather several dry pieces of spaghetti, they can successfully penetrate the hotdog matrix. Hotdogs have long been the first choice of fusion topping since they could cook in boiling water during the same time as the pasta. However, the hotdog matrix has baffled physicists for over a century. Leading research believes it to be composed of Higgs-boson particles, lips, and a-holes. Surely everyone will remember where they were when they heard this news, and hopefully the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is looking into who developed this new method of wiener/pasta binary fusion.

Source: twimg