fireemblem1America is known for being particularly prudent when it comes to sex and nudity, and the censors have been at it again in the US release of new Fire Emblem Awakening content. Someone somewhere has judged an image in the game to be far too naughty for sensitive American eyes, incurring the wrath and bemusement of fans around the globe.

With the release of Summer Scramble, the latest additional downloadable content for Fire Emblem Awakening on Nintendo 3DS, keen-eyed fans were shocked to find that certain scenes had been edited in the American version.

The problematic scene in question appears on the beach map, where we are treated to swimsuit shots of some of the game’s lovely ladies. The raven-tressed Tharja is caught in a suggestive pose with her back to us, glancing over her shoulder towards the camera as she tugs at her red bikini bottoms.

Yet in the American version, instead of a perky young lady’s bikini-clad bottom, we are instead treated to a billowing curtain, clearly designed to obscure her lower half. I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure that curtain’s doing a particularly good job…

Here’s a selection of Japanese Netizens’ reactions to the news, with obligatory ASCII art.

Foreigners are more strict about sex than about violence, aren’t they.

It looks sexier after the revision!

No, we’re too tolerant of porn over here.

The American version’s got it all wrong, they’re so strict about sex but don’t care at all about violence – it’s an affront to all American sons!!!

There’s some people’ll never forgive ‘em for this.

This is bull! The foreigners’ll sure be pissed off too with such a weird cover-up!! Show us the ass!

Japan’s really the best when it comes to being lax about porn!

I’m so glad I was born in Japan! Thank you, Nintendo!

Is this censorship gone mad or are the distributors just trying to cover their asses?

Source: Jin115

Top image: Nintendo