When it comes to bizarre toilet stories, China may be in the running for the number one spot. (Or should we say “number two?” Sorry…) This story, though, is a little more… explosive.

Around 6 a.m. on May 1, one Chinese woman got the surprise of a life time while taking care of business in a public restroom in Zhejian Province when the restroom literally (yes, literally) exploded. It seems that some electrical wiring had deteriorated to the point of letting off sparks, which then ignited the methane gas stored up in the septic tank.

With a loud boom, the explosion knocked the exterior walls outward, lightly injuring another woman passing close by. As for the poor woman inside, she was, unbelievably, absolutely fine! (And, we imagine, more “relieved” than even she could have ever expected.)

How could this be??

Well, it seems that in major urban areas, China has been making an effort to go from simple hole-in-the-ground style toilets to stall-like toilets. In the interim, low walls, usually made of bricks and about the height of a person’s hips when standing, are being erected on either side of the holes. As the woman was squatting at the time of the explosion, the brick walls protected her and she escaped without injury. Bomb-proof toilets- you heard it here first.

Officials pointed out another bit of good fortune. As Mayday was a national holiday in the country, not many people were on the street, which is usually particularly busy at that time as workers rush to a nearby factory. Had it been a regular workday, the toilet would probably have been in much greater demand, which would have meant many more injuries.

Still, as lucky as everyone involved (or not involved) may have been, we can only imagine how long it will be before this poor woman ever feels capable of using a public restroom again. Especially with these kinds of incidents increasing in frequency around the country.

On the other hand, maybe she could patent it as a laxative? It would certainly scare the poop out of us…

(Unfortunately, the article title is NOT a quote…though we can dream, right?)

Source: Yahoo! Japan News
Image source (used for illustrative purposes: Laugh Out News