Many cities and institutions have cute mascots for PR purposes, usually based on some special local product or place name. Japan and many other countries have plenty of these kinds of characters, but one surprising new face has caught the attention of the entire globe.

We are speaking, of course, about the mascot based on “the family jewels.” The… family jewels? Yep. It’s exactly what it sounds like! (And totally NOT safe for work!!)

Mr. Balls, the male genitalia mascot

Mr. Balls was created by the Brazilian non-profit organization AAPEC, which provides aid to cancer patients. The organization came up with Mr. Balls in order to increase awareness about testicular cancer. And that’s why Mr. Balls exists in the world today. To raise awareness of testicular cancer. Well, despite the shocking visual, it turns out that he has a surprisingly serious role existence.

Net User’s Comments on Mr. Balls

“Oh my god!!!”
“This is awesome!!”
“This public awareness campaign is a massive success.”
“It’s so… curly!”
“Eww… it’s too real!”
“Hunh… isn’t it a little…short?”
“It’d be nice if the neck was just a bit longer.”
“Hey, it kinda looks like McDonald’s Grimace!”
“I’m a bit worried about the snapshot with the little girl.”
“Isn’t the picture with the girl lewd? Surely she’s never seen ‘them’ before…”

Popular with Women and Children at Events

While there are some Net users who are drawn to the mascot, women and children who want souvenir photos with Mr. Balls at events seem to pop up one after another nonstop. We think we can call this a big PR success. Though with so many women posing for pictures, it makes us wonder if the right message is getting to the wrong people.

So, why is Mr. Balls so popular? AAPEC, the parents of Mr. Balls, said, “Everyone—both children and adults—got their pictures taken with our mascot Mr. Balls. Maybe it was because testicles look so much like a friendly snowman?”

Now that you mention it…

Photos: AAPEC

▼Here’s Mr. Balls!


▼Ahhh! Don’t pull too hard!


▼”And this is where babies come from! Aren’t you glad you asked?”


▼”Say, honey, how about using this photo for our Christmas cards!”


▼Some days you feel like a nut.


▼The eyes! The eyes!!!


▼Look out behind you!! It’s a Mr. Zombie Balls!


▼”Finally! I’ve found a date for prom!”


▼”Look, mom! No hands!”


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