How to Bathe Your Cat 8Most cats hate water, right? That’s why they go through the trouble of licking themselves and coughing up disgusting clumps of their own fur, all in an attempt to avoid ever having to be cleaned. Despite this fact, many people insist on bathing their hydrophobic felines. If you are one of these people, here’s a handy three step guide to bathing your cat (awesome/pitiful pictures included).

Step 1: Find a cat that actually likes taking a bath.

How to Bathe Your Cat

▼  If your cat looks like this, you did something wrong.

How to Bathe Your Cat 2

How to Bathe Your Cat 3

Step 2: Wash.

How to Bathe Your Cat 4

▼  Just like newly permed hair, your cat’s ears must be protected. Try using a shower cap. If none are available, a plastic bag will work just fine.How to Bathe Your Cat 5

Step 3: Dry.How to Bathe Your Cat 6

▼  You also have the option of hang drying your cat.How to Bathe Your Cat 7

For more on bathing your feline friend, please refer the the following videos:

Source: Hijiki Sokuhou