There’s a theory that says cultures see colours differently. So what happens when you put green and white together on a pair of tights? Most of us would throw colour theories out the window and just see a pair of awesome legs. But when you’re in Japan, some people say, “Green onion!” and others shout “No! White radish!”

The tights dividing fashionistas are being marketed as Negi-tai, a shortened version of “negi tights”, meaning “green onion tights”. They were dreamed up by the team at Akihabara’s cosplay izakaya, Koakuma no Utage Little BSD (Black Sabbath Little BSD) and sold in limited numbers at the end of last month from their booth at Niconico Chokaigi 2, a fan event for Japanese video sharing site Niconico Douga.

When people who couldn’t attend the fair began requesting the vegie stockings, they quickly sprouted up on Amazon.


But that’s when the onions lost their step, with people pointing out that the stockings looked much more like the pungent, and comparatively portly, Japanese white radish. Those are things you definitely wouldn’t want in a pair of stockings.


The majority of comments all agreed that the company had made nylon radishes and that few people could pull off the look.

Slender spring onions or fat, stinky radishes? What do you think?

Source: Golden Times

Images:  Netatama Kusudama Angemaple