spoon topOn May 9, Akao Aluminum announced the release of the “Ice Cream Shovel,” the latest in its ispoon series of implements specially created to enhance your frozen confectionary eating experience. Under the careful supervision of Convenience Store Ice Cream Mania über blogger and frozen treat critic, “Ice-man” Fukudome, this most recent addition to the lineup was specifically designed for use with the rock hard, wooden-spoon-snapping-and-thus-stress-inducing cups of ice cream sold at convenience stores. With a limited production run of only 100, and priced at just 2,520 yen (about US$25), the spoons are sure to sell out, ah,…sometime.

As the name suggests, the spoon is snow shovel-like in shape. Made from anodized aluminum it efficiently transfers body heat from your hand to the tip of the utensil, making for smooth, easy scooping (with a mild side-effect of chilling your fingers as cold from the ice cream travels back up in the opposite direction).
spoon 2
The spoon comes with its own handy carrying case for convenient portability. It also has an eyelet in the handle allowing you to thread it, should you so choose, and wear it around your neck as a must-have summer fashion accessory.

Source: NariNari