New research from Japan takes a look into the psychology of male bewb preference and is shedding some unfavorable light on the inner workings of the small breast-loving male mind, resulting in an unfortunate catch-22 for small-chested women: the type of guy who appreciates your size is probably also a pervy weirdo.

Our story actually begins at Ohio State University Department of Psychology where researcher, Alvin Scodel, was pursuing the theory that boys spoiled by their mothers grow up to become connoisseurs of large breasts.

▼   Enrollment at OSU is sure to rise after being labeled “The Boob Research University.”


What he found was that the opposite was true, but, perhaps fearing the science community would think him unhealthily obsessed with breast research, stopped short of finding the psychological origins and implications behind this conclusion.

Harboring no such fears, Japanese psychologist and affirmed breast man, Yoshihito Naito, took the research reigns in his book “55 Rules of Love Psychology,” exploring the psychological implications behind Scodel’s findings.


In his book, Naito posits that spoiled boys become mentally stunted adults that find large breasts “too developed” and scary and prefer flatter, more approachable chests. So, if they’re not into developed women, what kind of women are they into? Well, Naito seems to conclude they may be secretly interested in, uh… non-adults; men that display the classic symptoms of what the Japanese dub the “Lolita Complex.” So a warning to all you women out there, be aware of large boob-fearing men, they might just turn out to be man-boys.

Source: Yahoo! Japan

Photos: Wikimedia Commons