korea 1People are pretty good at returning their trays after they’ve finished eating at a self-serve cafeteria. It’s no fun task cleaning up after others, so dumping leftovers in the appropriate bin and separating utensils and trays and returning them to their designated pickup areas is highly appreciated by kitchen staff. Recent photos uploaded to the Korea-Japan Cultural Exchange (KJ Club) website, however, makes one wonder if students and teachers at one Korean high school might be in need of a manners lesson.

According to the website the pictures are from a high school in Seoul, and they really speak for themselves.

Though viewer comments include some trying to defend the mess with remarks such as, “This is a problem with the system employed for serving school lunches,” the majority are exclamations of astonishment such as “dreadful,” “unbelievable,” and simply, “wow.”

One can’t help but feel for the lady tasked with cleaning up this mess!
korea 2
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