ScreenHunter_103 May. 14 18.22 Watching Japanese performance artist Miyoko Shida’s physics-defying balancing act is a more intense experience than your closest game of Jenga, guaranteed. At Rocketnews24, a lot of our writers have trouble just walking straight, so trying to imagine the coordination and concentration required to put on a show like this makes our heads hurt.

Ms. Shida performed the unique, if somewhat bizarre (are those dinosaur bones?), act on Spanish television show “Tu Si Que Vales” (“You are So Incredible”), while a stunned audience and judges watched in slack-jawed, captivated silence.

The Interweb is equally captivated, as users from all over the world are expressing their shock and appreciation in forums:

“I swear I held my breath the entire time… wow.” (Serbia)

“I’ve never seen such precision before and I never thought I would. Amazing!” (New Zealand)

“The performance has such a beautiful message. I’m at a loss for words.” (USA)

“When Asians with this much training concentrate this hard, they basically gain superpowers!”  (Belgium)

“This is a scary performance, in a good way!” (Singapore)

And, our personal favorite:

“What kind of idiot wears sunglasses at an indoor performance?!” (USA)

▼That is a valid question, sir or madam, but we think your attention should have been on Ms. Shida.

ScreenHunter_104 May. 14 18.23

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