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With nearly all of today’s graphic, comic, and animation design work being digital, any serious artist needs a graphic tablet. These are large LCD screens that can be drawn on directly with a stylus allowing for easy uploading and computer editing of the created image.

Like most electronics chains in Japan, Yodobashi Camera has sections of its stores where customers can try out the latest products, graphic tablets included. Most of us would probably be content to scribble a few lines, doodle a stick figure, or maybe add a splash of color. But like finding a novel filled with dozens of fleshed-out characters and a gripping narrative left on Word in the laptop section, seriously talented artists have been creating true works of art on Yodobashi’s graphic tablet floor samples.

Aside from Japanese Twitter users sharing their discoveries, the artists themselves sometimes use the social networking site to showcase their newest works. Some pictures are even created by a person first sketching an outline, then another visitor to the store adding color or effects.

As expected, Yodobashi’s branch in Akihabara, the center of the anime scene, provided an example:
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As did the chain’s sprawling complex in Shinjuku:
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Many of the creations feature popular anime and manga comic characters, such as this one of the heroine from Haiyore! Nyaruko-san.
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This drawing featuring a character from the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures franchise was so popular with customers that workers at the store left it undisturbed for two whole months.
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One artist went so far as to create a series of tuna-themed images, showing the fish in several states, including “natural”:
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and finally delicious and terrified, as it screams, “I don’t want to die!”
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The artist was eventually asked by salespeople to stop, although whether it was because his drawings were frightening the other customers or causing them to drool on the tablets’ glass screens is unclear.

Source: IT Media, Naver Matome
Images: Naver Matome