It’s amazing what a good haircut can do. It can change the way people see you and bring out features you never knew you had. That’s certainly what happened to Moru the Pomeranian, who went in for a short cut and came out looking like a whole new breed. Now he’s the Shibaranian, fooling us all with his cute Shiba Inu disguise. And it seems we’ll be seeing more pups like Moru soon, with many owners giving the cut to their Pomeranians to help them cope with the summer heat.

Looking at the makeover, it’s really hard to believe that this was once a fluffy Pomeranian. The short cut really brings out Moru’s stocky build, making him look exactly like a cute little Shiba Inu. The video below was taken just after his trim, and while he looks a little insecure at the beginning, leaning on his lion buddy for support, by the end of the video we can see he hasn’t lost his mojo; he’s up and ready to walk the walk and own his new style. Go Moru!

There are bona fide miniature Shiba Inus around (called Mame Shiba, lit. Bean Shiba – how cute is that?) but they aren’t recognised as an authorised breed so would-be-owners are often warned to steer clear of them. But as you can see, a Pomeranian and a good pair of puppy clippers might be the perfect, erm, short-cut to getting the elusive bean-sized Shiba Inu of your dreams.

Source: IT Media