On April 20, a woman who ordered a smoothie at a restaurant in China was shocked to discover that it wasn’t just fruit and a little ice that made up her drink. Upon closer inspection, what looked like dead and dying cockroaches could be distinctly seen floating around in the drink. Thoroughly abhorred by the presence of creepy crawlies in her healthy beverage, the woman made a complaint to the restaurant. The waitress who had served it to her, however, refused to accept the claim.

According to Chinese media, information regarding the incident first appeared online on April 21 when the young woman posted about the incident on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like microblogging site. In her tweet (weeb?) she tells of how she had gotten a good halfway through the smoothie before spotting up to five cockroaches. While most of them appeared to have already met their maker, one little fella could still be seen wriggling around inside the glass.

Although insects in food or drink is enough to turn most people’s stomachs, when the waitress tried to shrug the matter off entirely, it’s unsurprising that her customer got angry. Apparently, the unapologetic waitress was quick to bring a replacement order to the table, simply commenting that “there were insects flying around inside the shop at the time”. Unable to control her anger and perhaps aware that this might be her only chance to secure some concrete evidence , the woman took a (very blurry!) photo of the spectacle with her camera and posted it to Weibo.

The incident doesn’t end here, though. The Chinese administration Bureau of Food and Medicine became worried that the news was attracting too much attention on the net, and in order to get to the truth of the matter, carried out its own research. The same administration, upon visiting the restaurant stated that not only were there no signs of any cockroaches but that they were also satisfied with the report by the waiter that “what the customer thought were cockroaches was most likely the seeds of dragon fruits. They look similar, so it’s easy to see how the confusion could have arisen.” Again, the waiter refused to admit that there was any problem.

Many of those who have seen the photo the woman took at the time say that the evidence speaks for itself. Admittedly, the restaurant’s surroundings are difficult to distinguish and so–as some net users are suggesting–whether the photo was taken at the said restaurant remains unclear. However, the reaction from most netizens was that “it looks like the real deal” and “the restaurant’s behavior was completely inexcusable.”

We can only advise that, if you discover something nasty in your food or drink, you take a nice, clear photo of it, along with a snap of yourself looking upset while holding the restaurant’s menu and a copy of the day’s newspaper…

Source: Narinari