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Car washes are all pretty standard, aren’t they? Sure, marketing theory (that’s a real thing, right?) necessitates some sort of diversity among competitors, but there’s not much you can do beyond lowering prices or having, um, eye-catching employees. Wax is wax, and high-pressure water is high-pressure water, right?

Well, one car wash owner in China has started using a more novel cleaning product: milk!

▼Just normal, everyday milk!

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Mr. Zhang, of Baicheng City in Jilin Province, has started using milk to wash cars. And it’s not some special milk either—just the normal, drinkable kind that can be found in stores. (Are we the only ones imagining the potential collaborations with Oreo?) Of course, the final rinse is done with water, so you don’t have to worry about cats swarming your ride.


Mr. Zhang explained that it doesn’t add much to the cost, so it’s kind of a special service for customers. In fact, after starting the milk-washing service, he’s seen an increase in business.

One customer interviewed said that while it didn’t really seem much different from a regular wash, he was pleased with the results. A car dealer representative added that the milk wasn’t likely to cause corrosion or damage to the cars, so that’s reassuring. Probably won’t help the cars grow strong bones though.

Net users seem receptive to the idea, and, to be honest, we can’t think of any real problem with it ourselves. Though we weren’t sure that there were any real benefits to it either…

But then a quick Internet search further revealed that “milk paint” is a real thing—made from milk and lime (with other additions for color). Apparently, it’s been used for thousands of years for painting (obviously) and is currently offered as an alternative to regular chemical-laden paints. So, maybe milk has some special protective properties after all. We’re starting to think Mr. Zhang really is onto something!

Now the question is: will milk car washes be the next big thing? Or is this a flash-in-the-pan fad? If you happen to have a car, why not grab a gallon of the moo juice and try it out? Remember: RocketNews24 is never responsible for any milk-related accidents that may occur!

If nothing else, we can’t wait for the “Got Milk?” commercials starring BMWs with milkstaches.

Source: NariNari
Image source: NariNari (featured image), Wikimedia  deviantART