There’s no doubt that Japanese people are fond of their cats. After all, many of them have grown up with a furry friend companion, even if it was only a virtual cat like Doraemon or Hello Kitty. Now, there are cat cafes where people can pay to pass the time with some feline company, and owners can enhance their relationships with a spot of cat massage. With all this feline love, though, we have to wonder which breeds would be the nation’s most beloved? To find out, we toyed with the idea of putting puss against puss in an old-fashioned beauty pageant. But then, after thinking about the inevitable cat-fights, we decided to take a look at a survey of 10,000 respondents instead. Surprisingly, the top ten breeds remain unchanged again this year, as they have for several years.

The survey was conducted by Japanese pet insurance company Anicom. Let’s see how our furry friends ranked up.

1. Scottish Fold (1,973 votes, 19.5%)


2. American Shorthair (1,502 votes, 14.9%)


3. Mixed breeds (1,250 votes, 12.4%)


4. Munchkin (785 votes, 7.8%)


5. Russian Blue (562 votes, 5.6%)


6. Norwegian Forest Cat (561 votes, 5.6%)


7. Ragdoll (451 votes, 4.5%)


8. Maine Coon (385 votes, 3.8%)


9. Persian (Chinchilla) (343 votes, 3.4%)


10. Japanese Bobtail (328 votes, 3.2%)


All together now: Aaaaaaw.

Source: My Navi Woman  Images: Jin115 Matome Naver