Nail art is booming in Japan, and sometimes the designs are simply jaw-dropping. From small gems to unique anime designs to nightmarish talons from a horror movie, women everywhere are keeping nail salons in business with the seemingly unstoppable trend. But if you’re thinking about surprising your man with a set of designer nails, you might want to think again, as a recent survey reveals that an overwhelming majority of men just don’t like nail art. The reasons they gave all point to the fact that the state of your nails can reveal a lot about who you are.


The simple question, “Do you like women’s nail art?” was put to a group of 149,312 men and women in a survey. According to the female respondents, 47.8 percent  said they like nail art and 50.2 percent said they don’t like it. The male respondents were more united in their disdain, with 24.9 percent revealing they were fond of the fashion trend while a whopping 70 percent gave it the thumbs down. A smaller percentage of male respondents, bless ’em, didn’t even know what nail art was.


Some of the comments from men showed what’s really going on in their heads when you flash them your expensive tips.

“Men aren’t interested in your nail art. How boring”

“These things are scary. They look like they’ll stab you”

“It might be okay for a one-off date but I’d hate to have to look at these every day”

“It just doesn’t look clean. My daughter gets it done and I don’t want to eat anything she cooks”

“These types of nails make you look like 20 percent more of an idiot”

“It’s a good way to make people think you don’t wash your hands”

“Girls who get it done don’t think about anyone but themselves”

“It makes you look childish”

“If you’ve got nails like these, it makes me wonder what type of job you have”

Yikes. Some pretty harsh words there. Of course, nail art isn’t necessarily as extreme as in some of these images, but we can see why some people might not be fond of nails with a variety of glitz and attachments. But “20 percent more of an idiot”? Easy, now…


That said, if we met some of these more adventurous nail art designs in real-life we’d likely be pretty horrified. But would we be able to look away?


Perhaps nail art is safest when viewed out of arm’s reach. Either way, we’re sure our long-distance love/hate relationship with them over the Internet isn’t over. Not yet.

Source: Hachima Kikou
Images: Girls Channel Hitokuchi Photo Crazy Gallery