A couple of days ago the above photo of a naked lady using an iPad on the subway was making the rounds on China’s microblogging site Sina Weibo. It generated over a thousand comments in a short time, many of which thinking this was another case of the ever-wonderful Photoshop trolls. However, according to an MTRC spokesperson this incident had in fact taken place.

According to a netizen who claimed to be aboard the train, the 30-year-old woman boarded a Wuhan City Metro Line 2 train wearing a floral print dress. She took a seat and began using her iPad.

As the train was approaching Huquan Station she put the iPad in her bag and got up to stand by the doors. However, instead of exiting the train she lifted off her dress revealing that she was wearing nothing underneath. She then remained standing by the doors naked and occasionally shouting obscenities.

This action prompted other passengers sitting nearby to get up and move to other seats. The lady decided to take a spot on the newly vacant bench, pulled out her iPad and began using it again.

When the train reached the next station Metro workers and police approached the woman and escorted her from the train.

While some comments on Weibo thought this was a result of the hot weather Wuhan had been experiencing, an MTRC spokesperson told media that the woman had suffered a “sudden mental illness.”

Source: Wuhan News (Japanese) via MIC Gadget (English)
Image: Sina Weibo (Chinese/Registration Required)