Smartphones have a lot of great features to keep us entertained during long train rides and solo cafe visits. One of their most surprising benefits though, has to be the tiny hole at the top of the phone. We all know it’s a port for your earphones, but what do you do for the other twenty three hours of the day when it’s just a boring black hole? You stuff it with cuteness of course! And these playful pups are here to keep you company so you’ll never be alone again.

There are six designs in this new series from Hamee Corporation, which includes a soccer-loving Shiba-Inu, a White Labrador looking for a belly rub and a Miniature Daschund hanging on for dear life.


If you prefer your dogs small then take your pick from a pair of little Chihuahuas, a poised Toy Poodle or a hungry Pug. Look at those eyes!


Like all great ideas, these pups were once just simple designs on paper. But what happened to the trio of Chihuahuas?


You can pick up one of the adorable pets for 500 yen (US$4.92) from Japanese online retailer Strapya. Or buy all six and create your own rainbow litter of pups for 3,000 yen ($29.50). Who will be the leader of your pack?

Source: Gizmodo Japan