Excel Pictures 6A few weeks ago, we featured a video that showed each step to drawing Gundam using Microsoft Excel. The whole RocketNews24 office couldn’t believe that something as cool as a giant robot can be made using the most boring Office program available.

Another Excel artist, 73-year-old Tatsuo Horiuchi of Japan, has been getting attention online recently for his beautiful scenery pictures created by only using shapes in Microsoft Excel.

Mr. Horiuchi starting drawing pictures using Excel after he retired in 2000. Since then, his works have been featured in art exhibitions and printed photo books. Although it looks as if he hand drew each detailed figure, Mr. Horiuchi didn’t use anything other than the shapes available in the insert panel of Microsoft Excel 2003. No Photoshop, no special effects, only thousands of tiny shapes were put together to create these amazing pictures.

excel pictures5

Excel Pictures 7

excel pictures1

excel pictures2

After seeing the beautiful works of art that can be created using Excel, we think it may be the most underappreciated computer program. It’s now so much more than boring software to create spreadsheets.

Source: Gadget Sokuhou