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After shooting to stardom in 2012 with hit song Gangnam Style, artist PSY has become something of a household name the world over. Disinterested Japanese netizens may still be confused as to what all the fuss is about, but the artist has become so popular that he was invited to perform at a football match in Italy last week.

Unfortunately, spectators were far from impressed and mass booing erupted part way through the artist’s brief set.

There to provide additional entertainment at the Italia Cup Final between Roma and Lazio, the trotting mega-star took to the stage during the half-time break. Despite having been watched more than a billion times on YouTube, viral hit Gangnam Style failed to raise smiles among the teams’ fans, and the stadium soon became filled with booing and jeers.

Embarrassed by the awkward situation, stadium officials are reported to have turned PSY’s microphone up louder in an attempt to drown out the tirade of voices, but it was all too late. At the end of his performance, PSY left the stage looking completely bewildered as the heckling grew even louder.

Korean media responded angrily to the unfortunate event, with many sources calling the Italian fans’ behaviour little more than “racism”, and suggesting that PSY was targeted simply for being Korean.

You can catch the end of PSY’s disastrous performance at the game in the video below. What do you think, is this a racially motivated attack or are we simply witnessing two groups of soccer fans with little interest in pop music and who would much rather get back to the sporting action?

Video: YouTube

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