While Microsoft’s forthcoming Xbox One console is being received positively by general tech sites for its kitchen sink philosophy to TV-based entertainment, the gaming public seems less than enthused, fearing the emphasis on TV programming and other bells and whistles means gaming will take a backseat and wary of always-on DRM rumors and the like. But is this all working out nicely for competitor Sony, who may be actively learning from Microsoft’s mistakes while planning its next move?

Microsoft, which as far as some gamers are concerned is now run by a cabal of comically evil Captain Planet villains, has confirmed one rumor: pre-owned Xbox One games will require an activation fee be paid to play them (Update: Microsoft has released a statement that retailers, not the consumer, will pay the activation fee. But, given that retailers are likely to pass the cost onto the customer anyway, there’s no real difference between the two in practice.).

Sony may be taking advantage of Microsoft by closely watching the public reaction to Microsoft’s Xbox One announcements and using the feedback to tweak PlayStation 4 specs, at least according to the Internet rumor mill.

A NeoGAF forum member by the name of famousmortimer, whose past Sony predictions have been spot on, posted on the forum, “I can say, for sure, that the past week’s PR nightmare for MS has not been lost on Sony and they… do have a used game ‘solution’ working… This past week is pushing them strongly into, ‘Yeah, let’s not use that.’”

▼ Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer gestures to his nether regions, indicating where gamers can address Xbox One complaints.


Given Sony’s recent financial troubles, there’s little doubt the company is walking on eggshells, paying close attention to its competitor’s movements and public reaction to them. Maybe this rumor will pan out.

Source: Mirai Animax
Additional images: EurogamerWikimedia Commons